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Who is this Asshole?

Metaphor Mashup/Fusion Confusion/Hypotheses for Sale

What if the whole notion about what it means to live were put up for grabs? Let's say that the basic variables of providing sustenance, shelter, and safety were taken out of the equation. Let's also say the need to make a living, make a professional name for oneself, contribute to society, and have a procreated family were also taken out of the equation. What would life look like or what would somebody want it to look like?

Granted, these variables are definitely important in life, but what if we set them aside in the nosebleed seats (yes, I'm mixing my metaphors, so deal with it!) and put something else on life's stage! What would be on the stage and what would the performance look like?

This experiment has been a work in progress for all of my life and it seems now I'm starting to see some sort of correlated pattern in the game. Not sure where it"s heading, so enjoy the ride!