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New Latitudes and Tons of Learning

When I was an overconfident senior in high school, I visited my guidance counselor for the first time towards the end of my senior year. Yup, I had done everything up to that point—schedule my own classes, monitor my progress, and make sure I was on track to graduate. When I was called into his office, he asked me “So, Mr. Duffin, what do you want to do after high school?” My response: “Travel.” His response: “Great…see you later! Next.” That was the end of my interaction with my high school guidance counselor, but the memory of that interaction has lingered to this very day.

Since that interaction, I have set up my life where I went to college as far away from Missoula as possible, starting out in Massassachusetts and to exotic climes such as Istanbul, Turkey; Koh Tau, Tailand; Livingston, Guatemala; and the Rat Islands, AK where I could see Russia from the bow of the boat. Over the last 10 years, I have traveled extensively all over the United States on a weekly basis as an educational consultant, but now I want to do more.

Over the last few months, I have been thinking hard about leveraging work and play to be able to make a decent living while traveling abroad. Although my calling has been in eduction since I was in first grade, I figured it would be difficult to couple my interest in traveling extensively to exotic locations on a consistent basis while simultaneously doing the educational gig as a teacher, tutor, consultant, or some sort of permutation of all three. I had the luxury of traveling all over the United States and wanted to do something similar all over the world, but I realized I needed to think differently about my goals.

Instead of thinking about the job first; I began thinking about what I loved in relation to my high school ambition to travel. The links on the main page describe some of the big ideas about myself that i have discovered over the last few decades.

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